Arthur Rubber

Arthur Rubber and Foam have an extensive range of chemicals and chlorine to keep your pool crystal clear and healthy to swim in. At our store we stock algaecides, acid, soda ash, buffer, stabilizer, pool chlorine and flocculants. In addition to this, we have pool water testing facilities to help you with making the right choice.


We have an extensive range of premium grade pool chemicals which include:

  • Chlorine - premium grade granular or tablet, calcium hypo-chlorite or stabilized
  • Non-Chlorine treatment for periodic shock dosing plus complements Ionized and Nature2 pools.
  • Algaecides- short term and long life for controlling and the prevention of all major types of algae.
  • Acid, Soda ash, Buffer for maintaining water balance
  • Water Clarifiers, Flocculants for the settling of suspended materials in pool water to achieve crystal clear results.
  • Premium grade pool salt
  • "Pool Starver" for the removal of phosphates, the main food for algae, from pool water
  • Pool Test Kits and refills
  • Chlorinator Cell Cleaner
  • Filter Cartridge Cleaner

    We also conduct in-house Pool Water Testing with advice and handy hand-out sheets for continued pool maintenance.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices may be subject to change without notice.