Arthur Rubber

Mats & Matting

Workshop, GP & Vehicle Livestock
Workshop & Anti-Fatigue Workshop, Anti-Fatigue & Wet Area
Commercial & Domestic

Workshop, GP & Vehicle

Anti-Fatigue Matting
910mm wide
SKU 10159
$60.00 per mt

Comfortable to stand on
Anti-Fatigue Matting Nitrile
910mm wide
SKU 10179
$70.00 per mt

Oil & Fuel resistant
Ute Matting
Harder Compound
1820mm wide
10mm thick

SKU 10154
$95.00 per mt

Most popular Ute matting sold
Ute Matting
Weave Look Surface
1820mm wide
11mm thick

SKU 11100
$110.00 per mt
Small Stud Rubber
Matting 4.0mm
1000m wide

SKU 10204
$35.00 per mt
PVC Large Stud
3.0 x 1200mm wide
SKU 10209
$45.00 per mt (black)
4.5 x 1200mm wide
SKU 10186
$45.00 per mt (red only)
Rubber matting
3mm x 1000m wide

SKU 10191
$37.50 per mt

Excellent grip, ideal carpet protector in cargo areas of vehicles.
Fine Rib
Rubber Matting
3mm x 1000m wide

SKU 10171
$28.50 per mt

Car running boards, tool cabinet tops.
PVC Rough Top
UV stabilised - 1 ply
5mm x 1000m wide

SKU 11078
$70.00 per mt

Excellent Grip & tough.
Kleenrite Rubber
Matting 3.0mm
1200m wide

SKU 10185
$35.00 per mt

Good grip surface, tool box lining.
Rubber Matting
3.5 x 1500mm wide

SKU 10182
$40.00 per mt

Excellent grip - Tool box lining.
Ribbed Bus
Rubber Matting
4.3 x 1200mm wide

SKU 12354
$55.00 per mt

Good grip - hard wearing.
Sound Mat
Truck Floor Matting
1350mm wide

SKU 12856
$115.00 per mt

Solid PVC textured surface with built in noise barrier.
Rubber Flooring
3.0 x 2000mm wide

SKU 12271
$85.00 per mt

Other colours available For buses & motor homes.
Big Rib
Rubber Matting
3.5 x 1000m wide

SKU 10160
$28.50 per mt

Very popular
Big Rib
Rubber Matting
3.5 x 1600mm wide

SKU 10161
$50.00 per mt
3.5 x 1830mm wide
SKU 10162
$55.00 per mt
Big Rib
Rubber Matting
5.0 x 1600mm wide

SKU 10163
$75.00 per mt
5.0 x 1830mm wide
SKU 10164
$80.00 per mt
Checker Plate
Rubber Matting
3.0 x 1500mm wide

SKU 11884
$45.00 per mt
3.0 x 1830mm wide
SKU 11885
$55.00 per mt
Checker Plate
Rubber Matting
5.0 x 1500mm wide

SKU 11865
$70.00 per mt
5.0 x 1830mm wide
SKU 11866
$8000 per mt
EVA Utility Mat
1100 x 2100 x 12 mm
Textured Surface

SKU 11111
$70.00 per mt

Ideal for ute & trailer floors, bottom of tool boxes.
Tough & light weight.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices may be subject to change without notice.