Arthur Rubber & Foam

Pool Chemicals

We have an extensive range of premium grade pool chemicals which include:

  • Chlorine – premium grade granular or tablet, calcium hypo-chlorite or stabilized
  • Non-Chlorine treatment for periodic shock dosing plus complements Ionized and Nature2 pools.
  • Algaecides- short term and long life for controlling and the prevention of all major types of algae.
  • Acid, Soda ash, Buffer for maintaining water balance
  • Water Clarifiers, Flocculants for the settling of suspended materials in pool water to achieve crystal clear results.
  • Premium grade pool salt
  • “Pool Starver” for the removal of phosphates, the main food for algae, from pool water
  • Pool Test Kits and refills
  • Chlorinator Cell Cleaner
  • Filter Cartridge Cleaner
  • We also conduct in-house Pool Water Testing with advice and handy hand-out sheets for continued pool maintenance.