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ArmaflexTM Tubing is an elastomeric closed cell foam tube.Non porous and highly flexible it has low thermal conductivity to make it a good insulator.It will not shrink and is weather resistant for long life.

Available in 2mt lengths – sold in 1mt increments.

Whilst we stock many common sizes we do have access to the complete range.

Also available in sheet form.


9mm Wall x 6mm ID, 9mm Wall x 12mm ID, 9mm Wall x 15mm ID, 9mm Wall x 20mm ID, 9mm Wall x 25mm ID, 9mm Wall x 32mm ID, 9mm Wall x 40mm ID, 9mm Wall x 50mm ID, 13mm Wall x 6mm ID, 13mm Wall x 12mm ID, 13mm Wall x 20mm ID, 13mm Wall x 25mm ID, 13mm Wall x 32mm ID, 13mm Wall x 40mm ID, 13mm Wall x 50mm ID, 19mm Wall x 15mm ID, 19mm Wall x 20mm ID, 19mm Wall x 32mm ID, 25mm Wall x 15mm ID, 25mm Wall x 20mm ID, 25mm Wall x 50mm ID


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