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DecidampTM CLD

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DecidampTM CLD is a constrained layer, visco-elastic damping(CLD) material bonded to an aluminum face with a high-tack adhesive backing layer. Lightweight panels such as sheet metal and rigid plastics easily transmit noise when affected by natural resonance from vibration sources. By applying DecidampTM to ridged lightweight structures, the natural frequency of the vibration surface is changed, lowering radiated noise (vibration).


  • High noise damping properties
  • Only 75% of surface needs to be covered for best results
  • Will conform to irregular surfaces without the use of a heat gun
  • Remains flexible, will not become brittle
  • Easy to cut and apply


  • Automotive floors, firewalls & doors
  • Marine bulkheads, deck heads & hulls
  • Metal A/C ducts & compressor housings
  • Compressor & generator enclosures
  • Metal chutes, hoppers, lids & bins
  • White goods lining
  • Under S/S sink bowls
Weight N/A
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Sheet Size

1000 x 1300mm


2.5kg / mt2

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