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Noise Dampers


1000 x 1300 x 2mm, 2 kg per mt²


Are used to dampen or reduce the effects of vibration or sound transmission through thin substrates such as light gauge metals.


Description ~ Soundpad V2SC comprises of an aluminium sheet bonded to a highly flexible polymer with a self-adhesive backing. Soundpad V2SC has been designed to dampen and reduce the vibration and sound transmission in light gauge metal, timber, and plastic structures, thereby stopping the tinning and ringing noise created by the noise source.

Application ~ Soundpad V2SC is a highly effective damping pad ideal for reducing vibration and increases the transmission loss of the noise produced by the surfaces resonating at their operating cycle, such as in air conditioning units, automotive door, floor and headlining panels, white goods industry, sinks, generator enclosures, metal deck roofs and light weight panels in boats.

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