SORBERPOLYTM 2D ~ High Performance Textile Sound Absorber

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SorberpolyTM 2D is a fine fibre, non-woven polyester offering both sound absorbing and thermal insulation
properties. The polyester fibre is fuel, oil and grease resistant and light weight and as it is inherently hydrophobic
(non-wicking) is suitable for high humidity applications.Ideal for use in cavities & voids within building structures,
caravans, trucks & heavy vehicles and marine applications.Also used in making baffle absorbers and office partitions.


  • High sound absorption per thickness
  • Good Thermal Properties with low thermal conductivity
  • Will not degrade, crumble or smell over time
  • Light weight and easy to cut
  • Non-toxic, will not irritate skin
  • Can be used to replace Fibreglass


  • Wall cavities & ceiling voids
  • Office infill partitions
  • Acoustic hanging panels
  • Acoustic wall panels
  • Sound & Thermal insulation for HVAC equipment – Heating ,Ventilation , Air