SOUNDLAGTM 4525C – Acoustic Pipe & Duct Lagging

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SoundlagTM 4525C is a high performance composite acoustic lagging product consisting of a reinforced aluminium foil faced, mass loaded flexible vinyl noise barrier bonded to a layer of convoluted acoustic foam. The highly dense & flexible mass layer provides excellent sound reduction properties, whilst the foam decoupling layer breaks the vibration path between the substrate and the mass barrier to optimise its performance. The foil face offers fire resistance plus provides an excellent joining surface for additional sheets.


  • Reduces noise in hydraulic and waste pipes by up to 25dB
  • Market leader in pipe lagging
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Low spread of flame surface
  • Broad operating temperature range
  • Very cost effective and long lasting


  • Hydraulic & waste pipes in all locations
  • Air-conditioning ducting & shrouds
  • Compressor wraps
  • Spa motor wraps
  • Fan housings
  • Domestic, commercial & industrial