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WavebarTM Quadzero is a high performance, foil faced, flexible mass-
loaded vinyl noise barrier providing superior acoustic transmission
loss. The thin, dense mass Quadzero barrier both reflects and absorbs
the transmission of sound through walls, ceilings and floors, reducing
the critical frequencies generated from mechanical equipment, engine
noise and audio devices. Complies to AS1530.3 Building Code

Operating Temperature range -40°C to 100°C (Continuous).


  • Very cost effective and long lasting
  • Easy to cut, sew or mechanically anchor
  • Easy to install in awkward places
  • Resistant to water, oil and weather
  • High tensile strength, can be suspended in lengths up to 5 metres
  • Low spread of flame foil face
  • Light & Heat reflective foil face


  • Over roof joists to keep out aircraft,rail or traffic noise
  • Between the plenum chamber of floor slabs, the roof & adjoining partition walls
  • Automotive & truck firewalls to reduce engine and road noise transmission
  • Acoustic expansion joints to reduce break-out noise in A/C duct systems

2mm, 3mm, 4mm

Roll Size

1350mm x 10mt, 1350mm x 5mt

Barrier Weight

4kg/mt2, 6kg/mt2, 8kg/mt2


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